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 Atlas Jacketed Reactor
Atlas Potassium Jacketed lab Reactor

Atlas Syringe Pump

Intuitive Atlas Base Unit

Atlas PC Software

Parallel Atlas Potassium Systemst

100 Litre Custom Reactor System
Atlas is the most flexible and easy to use jacketed reactor system available. Its modularity allows control of single or parallel jacketed automated reactors with volumes from 50ml to 5 litres. Systems can either be manually controlled, automatically controlled by the Atlas Base or fully automated using the Atlas PC Software.

Atlas systems are used in a wide range of applications including:
Process development
Synthesis automation
Process screning
Scale-up chemistry
Process safety
Process analytical technology
Crystallization control and analysis
Process optimization

All Atlas jacketed chemical reactor systems are based on the Atlas Potassium System, which can be upgraded to more advanced systems.

Reactors from 50ml to 5 litres in glass, stainless steel or hastelloy can be quickly and safely interchanged without tools due to the circulator fluid drain, quick release vessel clamp, auto aligning stirrer and quick connect fluid hoses.

Without a PC, the intelligent base can control circulator or reaction temperature, overhead stirrer speed and reagent addition from a pump. All sensors such as temperature probes, pH sensors and turbidity probes are automatically detected when connected to the base.

All sensor data and setpoints are displayed on the base in real time, automatically logged and can be downloaded as one csv file to a USB stick.

Atlas Jacketed Reactor Systems can be controlled in 3 ways:

1) Manual Control from the Base
Turn the control knob on the Atlas to change overhead stirrer speed and accurately control the reaction temperature. The Atlas base intelligently controls the circulator (by PID via RS232) to give the exact reactor temperature required.

2) Automation from the Base
Edit and run profiles automatically from the base (without a PC) to control heating, cooling, stirring and reagent addition from the Atlas Syringe Pump.

3) PC Software Control
Use full PC software for complex recipe control, real time data plotting and control of virtually any manufacturer’s RS232 controlled hardware. The software can also control many bases at a time with different profiles. Click here to see the Atlas Software.

The Atlas Syringe Pump offers automatic reagent dosing for simple additions. It can also provide sophisticated actions such as pH control and temperature controlled additions.

Controlled by the Atlas Base or used by itself, the versatile Syringe Pump can be configured into two independent refilling flows, one continuous flow or auto-sampling. When used with the base, heating, stirring and dosing profiles can be set and automatically run, without a PC.

The range of Atlas Jacketed Reactor Systems includes:

Atlas Potassium System
Performs reactions in jacketed reactors
Atlas Calorimeter
High performance Heat Flow and Power Compensation Calorimetry
Atlas Volumetric Dosing System
Includes the Atlas Syringe Pump
Atlas Gravimetric Dosing System
Includes a controlled peristaltic pump and balance
Atlas pH Monitoring System
Includes a pH sensor for monitoring pH
Atlas pH Control System
Automatically doses reagents to control pH
Atlas Remote Mount System
For remote control of reactors over 5L
Atlas Software
For control of Atlas hardware, and/or devices from other manufacturers
Atlas Turbidity System
Ideal for processes involving crystallisation steps
Atlas SonoLab
Crystallization control, sonomilling and sonochemistry
Atlas FTIR System
Includes FTIR Spectrometer system for in situ reaction monitoring
Atlas Parallel System
Up to 8 Atlas jacketed reactors can be controlled from one PC
Atlas Potassium Pressure System
Allows reactions up to 3 bar in jacketed reactors
Custom Reactor Systems
For jacketed process reactor systems that come outside the Atlas range (high temperature / pressure, volumes higher than 5 litres, etc), Syrris' custom reactor service enables development of laboratory reactors specific the customers needs.


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