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 B77001, B77009 LP, LF, SFGC, Extra Robust, accepts "Click-on Cap strip", Fits Shell Frame Grids
LP, LF, SFGC, Extra Robust,
accepts "Click-on Cap strip",
Fits Shell Frame Grids(0.1ml)

Shell Frame Grid Compatible Fits almost all PCR and qPCR (fast) cycler models which accept low profile products such as ABI/LT Fast, Roche®, Bio-Rad®, Eppendorf® and others.

Designed for PCR and qPCR applications. For highest S/N ratios in qPCR the use of white or frosted products is recommended. Can be used with EU adaptors or can be positioned in specific (skirted) grids also called Shell Frame Grids and once "positioned in" becoming a plate assembly for specific (q)PCR instruments. There are four different grids available: To fit all ABI/LT 0.1ml fast cyclers use grid AB19805G, to fit Roche LightCycler® 480 systems use grid B17489G and for making non skirted plates use grid B69304. See also: Shell Frame Grids. Closure can be accomplished with any EU 8-cap strip. For qPCR closure the use of B57801, B79701-1 or Optical Tear Off 8-Cap Strip Mat is recommended.

Low Profile
Height: 15.6 - 16.6 mm, 0.61 - 0.65 inch. 0.1 ml. Used in most fast cyclers, and has improved evaporation characteristics.
Frosted (light) (B77001)
This product has a frosted outer texture and has a moderate signal to noise ratio in qPCR.
White Product (B77009)
This product give the highest signal to noise ratios in qPCR.
Shell Frame Grid compatible product
This product is designed for use in Shell Frame Grids.
Thin Wall
This product has a thin wall.
O-Type Material
This product is made of a different blend of PP, designed for PCR and qPCR applications.
Evaporation Grade 1
Loss of PCR volume is less than 3%. It’s possible to PCR in as less as 5μl.
Extra Low Adhesion
This product is specially treated to reduce the binding of protein.
DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase & Pyrogen Free
This product is free of DNa(se), RNa(se), Pyrogens & metals.
This product is autoclavable.
qPCR Grade 1 (B77001)
This product has enhanced signal-to-noise ratio if frosted.
qPCR Grade 2 (B77009)
This product has superior signal-to-noise ratio if white.

제품번호 B77001 B77009
색        상 Natural White
포장단위 bag of 120


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