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FLOW REACTOR Asia Cold Flow Chemistry System

The Asia Cold Flow Chemistry System have been specially defined to enable safe chemical reactions under cryogenic conditions (e.g. exothermic organometallic reactions) and is one of the many setups available with Asia.


The Asia Cold Flow Chemistry system incorporates all the required parts for running reactions in continuous flow at temperatures down to -100°C.  The Regular system uses a Tube Cooler with dry ice and acetone.  The Advanced system centres on the Cryo Controller, an innovative and unique module able to cool down to 100 °C using electric power only without the need for external cooling.

The easy-to-use and affordable systems contain all essential flow system parts.  All Asia systems are future-proof and can be seamlessly upgraded with additional features and modules as the user experience with flow chemistry grows and/or needs change.

All Asia systems are available as either regular or advanced configurations to suit different requirements and budgets, and all systems include the Asia Syringe Pump as a common module.

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