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FLOW REACTOR Asia Scale-Up Flow Chemistry System

Flow chemistry offers an easy way for scaling up reactions and the Asia Scale-Up Flow Chemistry system is the perfect way to achieve this, and is one of the many setups available with Asia.


Flow reaction parameters can be optimized using a small microreactor of few milligrams before moving onto a large tube reactor system for synthesizing multi-gram quantities of products. The systems enable exploratory reactions to be performed and optimized on a few milligrams scale. The manufactured amount can then be increased to kilograms per day on the same system with minimal setup changes.


The easy-to-use and affordable systems contain all essential flow system parts. All Asia systems are future-proof and can be seamlessly upgraded with additional features and modules as the user experience with flow chemistry grows and/or needs change.


All Asia systems are available as either regular or advanced configurations to suit different requirements and budgets, and all systems include the Asia Syringe Pump as a common module.

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