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PUMP Mitos P-Pump


The Mitos P-Pump Basic with 3-way Accessories includes a Mitos P-Pump Basic, a 3-way Chamber Lid and a Mitos P-Pump 3-way Vessel Holder Kit. It is used to pump up to 3 fluids simultaneously from separate micro tubes locked in the Mitos P-Pump. This provides a low cost and efficient method for delivering up to 3 reagents to a microfluidic system with pulseless pressure pump technology.

The Mitos P-Pump Basic with 3-way Accessories connects to a PC via RS232 serial or USB interface allowing data logging and control using Dolomite’s free PC software (no manual control). All the other features of the pump are the same as for the Mitos P-Pump with 3-way Accessories.

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    Mitos P-Pump

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