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 Electro-osmotic Pump
Electro-osmotic Pump core,

Electro-osmotic Pump Core,
Bubble Free

Electro-osmotic Pump
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Dolomite offers a range of advanced Electro-osmotic (EO) pumps which can significantly reduce the influence of electrochemistry and bubble formation compared to conventional EO pumps.

Dolomite's range of EO Pumps consists of different “cores” from Osmotex which are mounted within a “holder”.

The EO Pump Core Basic and Bubble Free are lightweight and low power solutions which offer excellent pumping performance, ideal for integration in compact or portable instruments.

The EO Pump Core Basic does not include provisions for suppressing bubble-formation and electrolysis but requires an open inlet reservoir, and will also leave gas bubbles in the flow path under typical circumstances (low voltage pumping of ethanol can be an exception).It is recommended that the EO Pump Core Basic is used with an external bubble trap for optimum results.

The pump cores can be used with a wide range of fluids. Electrochemical reactions should still be considered when selecting new liquids.

Standard cores are delivered un-calibrated, and the flow rate will vary with fluid and pressure. In the future, Dolomite will be offering self-priming EO Pumps as well as solutions with flow-sensor feedback control using the Mitos Flow Sensor range.

Features & Benefits:
Very compact and lightweight
Reduced influence of electrochemistry
Low power consumption
Silent during operation
Low cost, suitable for volume applications

Part number 3200246 3200247
Shape Circular disc
Diameter 15.4mm
Thickness 3.8mm
Housing material PET
Operating voltage 1.5V - 15V DC (max. 12V for aqueous media)
Typical Flow rate 15 - 150μl/min
Flow rectification Not required, continuous
Pressure 0 - 10PSI
Power consumption From a few mW up to a few 100mW (varies across the wide range of
performance settings and liquids)
Temperature rating 10°C - 40°C
Expected lifetime Up to at least 4000 hours, but highly dependent on liquid (electro) chemistry
Tested fluids DI water, polar organics and ionic
solutionsas well as some alcohols
DI water and 0.5x standard
TBE buffer

Part number Part name
3200246    Electro-osmotic Pump Core Basic
3200247    Electro-osmotic Pump Core Bubble Free


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